Fire Doors and Passive Fire Protection

What is Passive Fire Protection?

This is a form of fire protection that becomes active in the event of a real fire situation. Passive fire protection aims to contain a fire and prevent it spreading to other parts of a building. It forms part of the structure of a building. Passive fire protection products that we offer include:

  • Fire Doors - The main purpose of fire doors is to ensure they form a barrier to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Fire doors will be installed to form part of a fire-resistant compartment to maintain compartmentation within a building. Fire doors have a rating to indicate the resistance time they have been designed to. For example, an FD-30 door will provide 30 minutes of fire protection.
  • Penetration Protection - Products that are designed to maintain fire integrity where a penetration has been made into a fire resisting barrier such as walls and ceilings. These products include intumescent putty, batt, pipe collars, sleeves and pipe wraps.
  • Fire Retardant Sprays - Used on a range of materials to protect them from open flames
  • Fire Curtains - These are specially constructed curtains that fall to block openings to maintain compartmentation. The aim of the curtain is stop the spread of fire and smoke between areas. Fire curtains are either static (permanently in place) or automatic (linked to the fire alarm system)

Design and Installation

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Fire Door Surveys

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