Fire Extinguishers

You must ensure that you have the appropriate fire extinguishers on site, based on the risks identified in your fire risk assessment. Using the wrong fire extinguisher on a fire could result in making a fire worse.

Types of fire

The type of fire extinguisher you should use is determined by the class of fire. Fires are classed as follows:

  • Class A - combustible materials caused by flammable solids such as wood, paper and fabric
  • Class B - flammable liquids such as petrol or paint
  • Class C - flammable gasses such as methane or butane
  • Class D - combustible metals such aluminium and potassium
  • Electrical fire - electrical equipment
  • Class F - cooking oils

Types of extinguishers

We supply a wide range of extinguishers as well as fire blankets to deal with all types of fires. These include:

  • Class A - water mist, water, foam, dry powder and wet chemical
  • Class B - water mist, foam dry powder and Co2
  • Class C - water mist and dry powder
  • Class D - specialist dry powder
  • Electrical fire - some water mist, some foam and Co2
  • Class F - water mist and wet chemical

Maintenance and survey

It is a legal requirement to maintain the fire extinguishers on your premises. Our engineers are BAFE qualified to ensure the highest standards of service. If you need to know how many extinguishers you require or which type, contact us today to arrange a survey.

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